A proshop open 7/7

The proshop of GOLF UP features the latest trends of clubs and golf equipment (balls, bags, carts…). Cobra, Titleist, Callaway, Honma, Toulon… you will find a wide range of brands, depending of your needs and budget.

Also, the fashion-lovers are found of the clothing and footwear lines (Adidas, Puma…) for men, women, and children.

Our brands

Custom-fitting on your clubs

You want to buy a new club ? Let’s have a custom-fitting: a qualified coach of GOLF UP or our fitting specialist advice you while you try your club and its different components (head, shaft, grip…) on site, according your way of playing, your size, your weight, etc… Then, the settings are sent to the brand to built your taylor-made club in the factory.

For your former clubs, the specialist of GOLF UP make the appropriate adjustments right on-site, in the shop.

A custom-fitting optimizes the golf equipment, determining which kind of club feel best in real condition according valuable information. It is perfect to increase the golfer’s performance.


  • Rates:
    Session of 50min (for your wedges and clubs) : €80
    Session of 1h30 (for your whole bag) : €150
  • GOLF UP’s special offers:
    1 session of custom-fitting = discount of -10% on a new club.
    Purchase of €1200 at the proshop = 1 free custom-fitting session.
    39 Carraire d’Aïgo Puto, Route des Blaquières
    83310 Grimaud
  • Open 7/7, all year round
    +33 (0)4 94 43 08 08 / accueil@golfup.fr

The gift cards

Great for birthdays or spacial events!
At the proshop, you will find different kinds of gift cards, catered for beginners, groups, or experienced golfers:

  • The regular gift card: You choose the amount to put on the card. The card is available at the proshop, on the buckets of balls, and on the green-fees.
  • The gift card to offer the present of your choice: golf lessons, balls for the practice area, green-fees… 
  • The “Friends and Family card”, €80: It includes 1h of golf lesson for a group (from 2 to 6 people) + 3 buckets of 40 balls to train at the practice area.
  • The “Introduction to golf card”, €99: It includes 1 private lesson (50min) + 1 green fee for the 9-hole golf course + 1 bucket of 40 balls.