Group sessions: “Theme-based lessons”

The teachers of GOLF UP designed the “group sessions” for both beginners and experienced golfers, in order to work out a specific theme: that’s perfect to discover the various aspects of golf! Moreover, the “group sessions” are open to 8 players max; that’s a very good compromise between quality of teaching and fun golf.

All year long, you can start golf or improve your technique through 4 themes:  “Let’s check your basics” (short game), “Get more distance”, “Let’s check your basics” (long game), and “Lower your scores”.

Pick your lesson on the “Schedule” above !


The group lessons are open to all, beginners to experienced golfers.
You have never played golf? Good news, there is always a time to start!  The GOLF UP’s instructors cheer you up during your lesson and adapt their teaching to your level.
You don’t have the equipment? Just wear comfy clothes and shoes, GOLF UP lend you the golf equipment.

  • Upon reservation, according the schedule: every Tuesday, Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 3pm. Every Thursday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.
  • Per lesson: €19/lesson and player.
  • Groups of 3 players minimum and 8 players maximum.
    All levels, beginners to experienced.
    GOLF IS YOUR NEW SPORT with your “unlimited pass” to practice all year long: with the pass, you can access the 4 group sessions “Theme-based lessons” whenever you want!

    Unlimited lessons: €35/month with a 6 month enrollment minimum.

Schedule of the lessons

Every Tuesday, 2pm-3pm

 Let’s check your basics

This lesson is perfect to start golf with good habits or if you would like to see again your fundamentals. You will essentially work your “short game” : when to chip and when to pitch, get out of a bunker, etc.

€19/lesson. Or unlimited lessons with the pass.
Upon reservation Tel. 04 94 43 08 08.

Every Thursday, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Get more distance!

You want to improve your speed and technique to hit the ball further and further? This lesson “Long game” is just for you! (improve your swing, TrackMan sessions, the perfect direction…).

€19/lesson. Or unlimited lessons with the pass.
Upon reservation Tel. 04 94 43 08 08.

Every Saturday, 2pm-3pm

Let’s check your basics

Whether you are a beginner or a good player, you will improve your long game following the advices of our PGA instructors. Some work, but a lot of fun too! (how to choose a club, exercices on-site…).

€19/lesson. Or unlimited lessons with the pass.
Upon reservation Tel. 04 94 43 08 08.

Every Sunday, 2pm-3pm

Lower your score (golf course)

Our dedicated instructors will teach you how to avoid the tricky parts of a golf course so you can lower your score! Lessons on the practice area or/and on the golf course.

€19/lesson. Or unlimited lessons with the pass.
Upon reservation Tel. 04 94 43 08 08.

Get your golf green card at GOLF UP !

Do your know that the GOLF UP’s Pitch and Putt is certified by the French Golf Federation (FFG)? It means you can pass your Golf Green Card* at  GOLF UP!

Besides the “Theme-based lessons”, the PGA instructors of GOLF UP regularly organize some sessions “Get your Golf Green Card*”; please, feel free to contact them to know more.

*The Golf Green Card is a document that certifies  a player has acquired golf skills and etiquette. Most of golf institutions in France and European countries requires this document to join their club and play on their Golf Course.